Welcome to the Future Home of Taylor'd Crowns

// A Note From Our Founder //

We're almost there! Like literally, we're days away. And I'll prove it! Check out the sweet countdown clock below! It's almost like NYE but, instead it's for our NEW BUSINESS! Whoop Whoop! Uh-oh I'm about to ramble... We're just so EXCITED. It's been hard to contain emotions these days!

So, here's some awesome news. While we put on the finishing touches, YOU, yes YOU, get to be apart of our Nashville launch! And, as a bonus, we'll be rewarding you for doing so. 

In the days leading up to our company launch, we're asking that anyone inspired by our story, sharing in our flower craziness and curious to our mission, please, sign up below. 

When you sign up, you'll have the inside scoop on everything Taylor'd Crown's. You'll get answers to all the secrets everyone's dying to know like... How do I order a flower crown? Is Gertie making them? What events are they used for? Whats a Gertie? Where can I find Gertie? Gerties with Taylor? Are they a couple? Who is this "Taylor"  

PS, That last one... it's me! Nice to meet you :)

We hope you enjoy your 20% off discount code and we're excited to welcome you to our Journey!

XO - Taylor 


Official Rules: One Code per/Email Address entered. Code is a one-time use code. Code is not valid with any other form of promotion with Taylor'd Crown's. Code is not Valid for event(s) purchases.

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